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Still Caraga’s Most Competitive

Still Caraga’s Most Competitive

Posted on August 18, 2017

The Municipality of San Francisco maintained its lofty position as the Most Competitive Municipality in Caraga for the fourth consecutive year, this according to the latest evaluation conducted by the highly respected National Competitiveness Council.


As with the previous year’s evaluation, this year’s competitiveness index was measured using three indicators: economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure (development). For this year’s competitive race, the Municipality of San Francisco was ranked 29 among the 490 1st to 2nd class municipalities in the country that participated.


According to the evaluation for 2015, San Francisco scored least in the area of Economic Dynamism, ranking 230 from all the municipalities evaluated nationwide. This gauges the economic infrastructures in the locality, which include the presence of business establishments, banks, transport utilities and support facilities that facilitate ease of doing business. This rank is, actually, above the median of the total number of municipalities evaluated.


On the other hand, the municipality ranked 64th, or at the top 25% of the lot, on the infrastructure indicator which looks into the municipality’s implementation of infrastructure projects, vis-à-vis the allocated projects for implementation in a given year. NCC evaluators took note of the municipality’s backlog in the implementation of infrastructure projects for 2015, which were not implemented due to the focus that the municipality gave to projects funded by the Bottoms-Up Budgeting, which was the pet initiative of the then ruling Aquino Administration.

Of the three indicators it is in the area of Government Efficiency that the Municipality of San Francisco has shown exemplary strength as it registered a high score of 14.79, ranking 5th nationwide. This indicator aptly shows the timeliness, efficiency and sufficiency of local government policies that promote good governance and prompt service delivery under the leadership of Mayor Jenny D. De Asis.


In the words of Mayor Jenny D. De Asis, “this recognition, much as it is another feather to our cap as civil servants, should not be a reason for us to cease to think and work in finding better and more innovative ways that will further improve our service delivery. After all, our being government servants is not only a means of employment and livelihood to us but is, more importantly, a commitment to our people, being their chosen shepherds, and the fulfillment of our covenant to our God, as the expression of our continued faith and gratitude.”


The Municipality of San Francisco was adjudged as the Most Competitive Municipality in the Philippines in 2012, during the second year of Mayor Jenny D. De Asis’ first term as Local Chief Executive of the Municipality of San Francisco.

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